Marketing Your Home

Our Marketing Efforts


We use the latest in online marketing technology and best practices to best position your home to potential buyers over the Internet along with some old fashioned hard work. It all starts with this website! Be sure to take a look at how we prepare our listings for sale too!


Branded Website Marketing:


AlbertaRE is a branded website, meaning a buyer knows when they land on the site it is owned and operated by a Real Estate Team. The website is highly organized, making searching for a new home by community a breeze. We have many “call to action” functionalities built into the site, great SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to ensure buyers are finding your home for sale. If a buyer comes to our site and is looking at your home, we will know.


Did you know?


When potential buyers are searching on our site, on a community page, a specific search page, or anywhere else we can see the listings they’ve looked at.  We can also get an idea of what they want most by the areas they search, size of homes they look at, price points, and other sets of criteria we actively watch.  This helps us by giving us the ability to better match buyers to the homes we have listed for sale!

Unbranded Website Marketing:


Our unbranded website is less about marketing us and more about search functionality. This site ensures the brokerage branding is present, but much less of the team branding.

Searching multiple styles of homes and land is lighting fast! Very user friendly and easy to use with the search functions readily available. When looking at each property detail sheet, all information, photos, and highlights are readily available in plain sight.


Community Specific Marketing Pages:


We’ve built out community specific pages on both our sites, showcasing individual communities and their real estate statistics which include: total active listings, new listings, recently reduced listings, and upcoming open houses that are available. Further to this, we’ve added the community average prices, cost per square foot, average age, walk score, and average days on market to give a potential buyer a snapshot of the real estate landscape in your community.

In the example below you can see we’ve highlighted McKenzie Towne. This page showcases the most popular listing, most expensive, and least expensive listings currently available along with a community specific search box.

What does this mean for you, as a seller? A page built specific to your community draws in potential buyers that are specifically interested in your community. We are not just blindly marketing your property, or targeting any and all buyers, we are targeting and marketing your home to buyers that are specifically looking in your community. This increases the amount of views, time spent on the site, and overall interest. By running the sites, we capture the buyers contact information and are able to direct them towards viewing your home over others in the area.


Forced Registration:


Our websites utilize forced registration. It is a way for us to ensure our marketing efforts capture potential buyers for your home and their contact information. We want to follow up with them. We want them to view your home. We want them to buy it!

We look at forced registration as a “fair trade”. Our websites offer unmatched functionality, search-ability, community and property specific information. They are fast, efficient and offer analytics and supporting information on every home a potential buyer views. They truly offer a great experience to the home shopping process, but it comes at a cost – The buyers contact information.  This is what allows us to follow up with them if they express interest in your home.


Lead Capture Technology:


The very best thing we can do for you, our client, when you are trying to sell your home is:  Find the buyer and convince them to buy your home! 

We do this by creating and building amazing websites that buyers like, and want to use. Once they are on our site, our forced registration and lead capture systems kick in. When a potential buyer looks at your home, our site utilizes the best social and internet crawling technologies to scrape any and all contact information, location, social profiles, search history, and property views and emails it to us, making our follow up a breeze.


Our Marketing – Behind the Scenes:


Behind the website, we have a powerful lead nurturing, drip marketing, and follow up program. Once we have a buyer registered on the site, the real magic begins. We can literally track every move they make, we can see which properties they’ve viewed, when they viewed them, how many times they viewed them, and what device they used.

We have alerts set up so that if they view your home more than a couple of times we are notified and can follow up immediately. We have automated text messages, email drip campaigns, and notifications all set up to reach out to potential buyers for your home.

We don’t drop the ball when it comes to finding the buyer for your home.

Guerrilla Marketing – We Hit the Streets:

We work hard online and off. We door knock. We cold call. We follow up with all leads. We work hard every day to sell your home.

Our offline marketing efforts generate a tremendous amount of activity for our listings. By using the DNCL (Do Not Call List) and reverse directory to call the surrounding communities, and going door to door around the neighbourhood alerting your neighbours your home is for sale, we’ve been able to find potential buyers for our listings when others couldn’t. Who better to promote living in the community then those that already live there and enjoy it? Many times, neighbours know someone considering making a move, or they may want to move themselves, within the community.

We Search for the Buyer:

We don’t sit around and hope the buyer finds your home. We actively look for your buyer. We do this in many ways through traditional marketing channels and outside the box strategies. Here’s our top 3:

  1. CIR Realty is the largest brokerage in Alberta with over 700 agents. We have a private Facebook group that enables us the opportunity to promote your home by marketing it to our colleagues, and their buyers. This attracts buyers that may not have otherwise considered your home.
  2. You know how Realtors leave their cards on the counter when they take their buyers through a home for sale? We capitalize on this. We set up previews for homes that are similar in both price and size as your home but in other communities. We then call all the Realtors that left their card in the property. We know that they have an active buyer, currently looking for home around the same size and price, and they may not have considered your community. This presents a great opportunity for us to convince the showing Realtor to show your home as an alternative option when they may not have otherwise done so.
  3. We attend Realtor and industry related networking events, Realtor caravan tours, and Realtor only open houses to network with other real estate professionals that may have active buyers looking in your community.

Stunning Feature Sheets:

When a buyer leaves after a showing, we ensure they aren’t leaving empty handed. Our property feature sheets showcase the best of our marketing, photos and a description of what your home has to offer.

Keeping an eye on your home value while on the market:


MLS or has all the majority of all listed properties for sale. It is the most reliable source of homes and condo’s for sale we have available. As Realtors, we have the ability to set you up on an auto-notification system that will email all the properties that meet a specific set of criteria, as they hit the market. This is a great way to keep up to date on all the new listings as they hit the market, price drops, relists, and sold listings similar to your property.

We set this up for all our sellers with a private portal built specifically to keep a close eye on similar homes for sale, days on market, and sold prices of comparable properties.


Like our marketing plan? Do you think we’d be a good fit to list your property and represent you in the sale of your home or condo?


If so, please reach out. We’d love the opportunity to custom tailor our marketing plan specifically to your property and help position it to the market at it’s full value. Schedule a time with our team to review your home, timelines, and real estate plans & goals. We’d like an opportunity to earn your business!