Listing Your Home

As your Realtors, we pride ourselves in the value we provide when listing your home for sale.


Professional Service:


We are committed to providing you with exceptional, confidential, competent, and responsive service. We will monitor and promptly deliver feedback on all showings, schedule viewings, facilitate negotiations and complete all sale documents on your behalf.


Industry Connections and Services:


Finding the right professionals to help with all the details of preparing your home for sale can be time consuming. We have a network of experienced professionals that we can recommend to help save you time and worry. These include roofers, siding and exterior contractors, carpet and flooring installers, framers, drywall professionals, tapers, painters, general contractors, cleaners, stagers, lawyers, and more.


Real Estate Specialization:


We specialize and assist clients in real estate sales in multiple categories: single-family homes, condos, town homes, investment properties, vacation properties, acreages, land, multi-family etc. If we don’t specialize in what you’re looking to sell, we’ll help you find someone who does.


Focus on the Sale:


Many Realtors aren’t solely focused on selling homes. Some are part time realtors, working another job. Many are working daily with both buyers and sellers, shifting their focus from the sale of your home. Our team is made up of full time, experienced real estate professionals. No part timers, no unlicensed team members. Just the best of the best, ready to serve you in the sale of your home.


Market Activity Updates:


We will provide you with access to the sales history of any and all properties that are in your area, new competitive properties as they are listed for sale, along with any other details that might be impacting home values. You will be informed about all: community plans, future area developments, building permits, area structure plans, and historical data.


Expert Negotiations:


Last but not least, we are expert negotiators and our experience can save you thousands of dollars. Along with helping you get the best price for your home, we also ensure we are negotiating the best terms for possession, inclusions, repairs, deposits, and conditions.

If you are interested in selling your home or condo, we would love to help! Please utilize this website, review our resources, view professionally marketed homes for sale, and community information. When you’re ready, we will provide you with a customized plan to sell your home in the current market. If you have any questions, you can contact us here.


Professional Photos:


The first step to great marketing, is great photos. We hire the very best HDR photographers to get the best images of your property for all our marketing efforts.


From luxury properties to apartment condos, our photographers are simply the best!


Professional Measurements:


There are new measurement standards that all Realtors and MLS listed properties must adhere to in Alberta. The RMS (Residential Measurement Standards) were introduced to standardized measurement practices across the province.

Did you know?

One of the most common lawsuits arising from a real estate transaction in Alberta is misrepresentation of the size of a property? This is the reason we hire a professional measurement company that has insured measurements as per the RMS standards.

Beyond legal protection, having a professionally measured property complete with floor plans is a great compliment to all our other marketing efforts. Potential buyers may feel more confident in the idea of purchasing your home over others in the market, knowing the information we provide about the property is up to date, fully detailed, and accurate.


OuriGuide Tour:


This is one of the greatest virtual tours available on today’s market. Imagine being a buyer, out of town, out of province, or even out of Country. Being able to “walk” the home would be an amazing advantage over scrolling photos and reading the marketing description. Enter our iGuide interactive tour:

Coming Soon Pre-Marketing:


Often homes are sold within days or even hours of being listed on MLS. The best way to get full value for your home is to sell it quickly, closer to your list price. The longer a home is on the market, the less likely a buyer will be willing to pay list price. We ramp up your showings by providing an extensive coming soon marketing campaign prior to going live on MLS. We hold off potential buyers until we go live, this creates a sense of urgency as we have a flood of showing activity within the first few days of listing your home for sale.


Public Open House:


Do public open houses work? The short answer is, sort of, but not in the traditional way they are used.

Open houses came about pre-internet. Realtors used to have to drive to different real estate offices to look through “property books” which were binders that each office had that Realtors could add their listings to. This was how Realtors would look for potential properties for their buyers. This method was cumbersome and didn’t work well for buyers as they’d often miss the best properties for sale. Knowing this, buyer’s would often drive around the communities they were most interested in, on the look out for the For Sale signs.

Realtors soon caught onto this trend and realized if they placed directional signs around a community and held an “Open House” they could attract buyers and potentially either sell their listing or meet a new buyer to work with.

Enter the Internet.

Gone are the days buyer’s drive around neighborhood’s looking for the For Sale signs. Now, they go straight to the Internet to see what’s available. It’s faster, more reliable, and they can see interior photos, tours, and much, much more information.

So how can an open house help us in your sale? The best strategy for utilizing an open house in your sale is to hold it the first weekend after listing. We have been advertising your home with a strong “coming soon” marketing campaign and should have eager buyers awaiting the chance to view your home. This is the opportune moment for hosting an open house and creating a buzz as buyers swarm in to take a look, all at the same time. Our hope is that the sense of urgency, and scarcity kicks in to trigger one of the potential buyers to write an offer.

Interesting insight on public open houses

The reason Realtors today still like holding open houses isn’t likely for the reason you think. Realtors know the chances of selling your home during an open house after the first week on market is slim to none. After all, wouldn’t a serious buyer has their Realtor book a showing, have a private tour without the threat of being harassed by the listing Realtor, or give away how much they like the property? 

So why do Realtors want to host one? Well, Realtors know that the many of the people coming to the open house will be nosy neighbors, thinking about listing their home for sale. The first question most Realtors ask is “Do you live in the area?” trying to determine if this is a buyer or a potential seller. 

The people coming in are unlikely to purchase the property. They may not even know the price of the home, the size, how many bedrooms or bathrooms – they may have just seen the signs and decided to pop in to see. The Realtor doesn’t even know if any of the people coming through are qualified to buy the home. Simply put, the Realtor is using your home to help them find and solicit new clients.

Are you ready to list your home for sale?

We take listing your home for sale very seriously and would love the opportunity to earn your business. When you’re ready, schedule an appointment with us and let’s get in touch. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your real estate goals.