Kent has been in the mortgage industry since 1992 and has a tremendous knowledge when it comes to all mortgages. He recognizes every client is unique by providing the right advice that save clients time and money. Kent’s goal is to keep the process simple and easy for his clients, every time.

Mortgage Tree has access to over 30+ Lenders including Banks, Credit Unions and Alternative Lenders. Each Lender is unique on how they qualify clients, pre-payment privileges/options and calculating penalties. Having Kent’s experience matters to ensure you receive the right mortgage for your needs today and in the future.

Kent’s experience in the mortgage industry has been successful where he led Jencor Mortgage for 6 years as General Manager, previously he was appointed to the position of Vice-President at Genworth Financial, formerly GE for 7 years and he started his career with TD Bank in a number of different roles for 11 years. Kent’s goal is to partner with our clients in achieving their Dream of Homeownership by keep the experience simple and easy through the right Advice, Service, Trust, Heart and Clarity.

Here is what clients have had to say.

“Working with Kent was excellent. He made the experience simple and easy for us during a stressful time. Kent’s communication and explaining the process and providing the advice needed saved us thousands of dollars. Thank you so much!” Jamie H.

“As a first-time buyer and being self employed we thought purchasing a home was just a dream.  Kent took the time to explain our options, what documents we needed and what to expect during the approval process, he also provided a great Homebuyers Guide that was a really was a big help in explain the buying process. Our dream came true of owning our first home, thank you Kent!!!!”   Aaron B.

“Kent was totally driven to make our latest house purchase happen. He applied just the right amount of pressure to the realtors and lawyers to make this go from zero to possession in just 10 days. In these times where you get used to bad service, Kent excels and gives 100%. Really appreciate your work ethic, thanks.” Daniel A.

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