CIR Realty is the largest independent Real Estate brokerage in Alberta and growing.  Achieving number one in closed transactions year over year, this locally owned and operated Real Estate brokerage has global reach with affiliate brokerages across more than 65 countries spanning North America, Asia, Europe, Central and South America, and the Middle East.

C.I.R. Realty – (Canada Independent Realty)

CIR Realtors was Founded in 1983 by Karl Stader, a local Calgary Realtor.  The brokerage has come a long way since 1983 but has stayed true to its roots and remained a family owned and operated business for more than 30 years.  After Karl Stader retired, Karl’s sons Ron and Ray Stader took the reigns on the family business and Ron continues as co-owner with Lindsey Smith (formerly CIR Realty’s professional development manager) to this day.

Client First Philosophy:

The majority of all Real Estate brokerages operate in a way that puts the Realtor’s needs and wants first.  This approach makes a lot of sense. After all, a Real Estate brokerage profits by hiring as many Realtors as they can manage, that in turn pay the brokerage a monthly fee, a portion of their gross commissions earned, or a combination of the two for the services being rendered by the brokerage. In return the Realtor gets the tools they need to run their business successfully.  Based on this, it makes sense to have a plan in place to entice Realtors to join the brokerage and have a way to retain them.  Some Real Estate brokerages do it through branding, some with profit sharing, and others with in house training or marketing packages.  It makes good business sense.

CIR Realty has a plan to grow their Realtor base, and they do it well, but it isn’t their main focus.  Since joining CIR South office Realty, I’ve noticed that there is a client first philosophy at play.  CIR Realty is constantly looking for ways to make the Realtors’ clients, the buyers and sellers, experience better as a result of working with their chosen adviser.   Rolling out a variety of client orientated events and programs all aimed at giving every buyer and seller working with a CIR Realtor an amazing experience and results they can count on.

You can find the CIR Realty Vision statement in any of the offices which states:

“CIR REALTY embraces a consumer-centric focus which guides all of our actions.

We understand that our clients experience is directly determined by the quality of their agent, and we therefore attract, develop and retain GREAT AGENTS.  We also position ourselves to develop a winning team of management and staff to foster a collaborative, inspiring, innovative and energetic corporate culture.  CIR REALTY founding qualities of caring, integrity, and trust continue to motivate us to achieve the highest quality result in everything we do, and will ensure that we remain the foremost, respected leader in every market we operate in.”

This has proven to be a model every Real Estate brokerage should aspire to become.  As Realtors, it’s our job to give our clients the best Real Estate experience we can.  Having the support of a world class Real Estate brokerage to help make it possible has created explosive growth for the company over the last several years.  Realtors have been taking notice and realizing that incorporating these kinds of programs into their business results in a better overall experience for their clients and an opportunity to better serve them.

Some of the ways CIR Realty has done this is through the following:

Best My Nest.

 Best My Nest is a CIR Realty exclusive program partnering with some of Alberta’s best locally owned and operated businesses and services.  All of the Best My Nest vendors offer discounts to VIP membership card holders as well as special hands-on classes and seminars, monthly house hacks and other useful content all designed to enhance home ownership and home maintenance.  Best My Nest, utilizes the power of numbers by having more than 700 Realtors (and their clients) as potential purchasing power.  By becoming a partner with CIR’s Best My Nest program retailers and service providers are committed to writing valuable content and holding seminars to help inform homeowners in addition to offering exclusive discounted pricing to all Best My Nest VIP members.

Happy Home Contest:

Every year CIR Realty promotes a contest with great prize giveaways for customers and clients of CIR Realtors.  The Happy Home contest is a great example of this with a full calendar year of monthly prizes all donated by Best My Nest vendors!  Enter any of the active CIR Realty contests by going to

Commitment to Excellence:

CIR Realty has a mandate to have the best trained Realtors in the marketplace, this is a commitment to excellence unlike any other Real Estate brokerage.  In order to facilitate this mandate, CIR has dedicated staff to Realtor development and training along with scheduled courses and programs that run throughout the year.

Every week there is training and education on the fundamentals of Real Estate, new and changing technology, marketing and social media, Internet best practices and white hat search engine optimization training, industry changes and hyper-local market updates.  The list goes on.  All the Realtors stay informed each week through a live webinar style group chat via the CIR Realty Intranet built specifically for the brokerage, by the brokerage.  Through this platform all the Realtors watching have the ability to chime in, ask question that are answered in real time, or chat with one another about new listings or buyers they have looking for a specific product.

CIR Realty has placed such a high priority on this mandate that they continue to bring in the best Real Estate trainers and industry related experts in North America for seminars and special training events available for all the Realtors to partake in. Topics include: expert negotiating, extreme customer service, marketing and advertising, database management, pricing and market analysis, documentation and future planning.

Beyond this CIR Realty and the professional development team have dedicated courses for Realtors that take them far above and beyond the education they received through obtaining their Real Estate license.  These courses have been specifically built to suit the needs of any agent based on their experience level and time in the industry.

The first course is a 6 week beginner program (CIR Realty bachelor program) suited to newer Realtors that just got licensed or those that need a refresher on the fundamentals in Real Estate before moving onto the more intensive intermediate or advanced programs available.  During the 6 weeks in the bachelor program, attendees learn the basics on how to run their Real Estate business and best represent their clients.  Here is a rundown on the key fundamentals learned in the bachelor program.

CIR Realty Bachelor Program: Week 1

A Realtors Key Activities & Business Foundation

The first week in the program is dedicated to helping Realtors with a place to start, a road map to building a strong, stable foundation by reviewing their existing business and determining the areas that could use the most help.  This is achieved by utilizing in-depth checklists developed by experience Realtors, and industry trainers with the steps needed to lay the foundation for a successful career in Real Estate.  Applying this method, Realtors will gain the insight necessary to handle basic finance systems and book keeping, as well as database management set up and systems to help with engaging potential clients.

CIR Realty Bachelor Program: Week 2

Real Estate Marketing Pillars

Building the right pillars to a marketing program is essential for Realtors expecting longevity in their career.  Relying solely on one or two sources of lead generation is not sustainable for Realtors trying to grow their database of buyers and sellers nor is it viable for their clients if they aren’t using multiple marketing techniques to reach the most amount of buyers for any given listing.  Multiple marketing streams allows for changing markets and situations.  Week two of the bachelor program addresses the need for building different marketing strategies and which are best to focus on first.

Bachelor Program 5.0 : Day 3

Working with Buyers

Asking buyers to sign an exclusive representation agreement requires them to see the value in your services. What is your process when working with buyers and what sets you apart from other Realtors? How do you communicate this value to your buying clients? In this session, we will discuss the basic processes that need to be systematized when working with buyers and how you can add enormous value to your clients by addressing their exact fears and solving their biggest challenges.

Bachelor Program 5.0 : Day 4

CMA’s, Pricing and Market Statistics

The ability to price homes accurately and to gather basic statistical data in order to interpret the market conditions are critical skills you must master. Working with sellers and buyers alike requires market knowledge and the requirement to complete CMA’s on your clients’ current and future homes. We will cover the process you need to complete a CMA and where to find, and how to interpret, the key statistics that matter to your clients the most.

Bachelor Program 5.0 : Day 5

Working with Sellers

Sellers invest a substantial amount of money into a Realtor to get their home sold. They rely on an agent to have effective marketing skills and a strong understanding of the selling process. In this class, we will address the specific processes that need to be in place when working with sellers. We will also dissect traditional marketing issues and offer modern solutions to get maximum exposure to your client’s home and the highest sale price possible.

Bachelor Program 5.0 : Day 6

Representation, Contracts and Negotiation

Our clients are expected to sign legally binding documents that have important implications to each clause. A high level of understanding of each of these agreements is imperative to offering your clients proper representation. In this course, we will be examining critical clauses in some of the important documents your clients will need to use for their transactions. Hand in hand with preparing and completing contracts is your ability to negotiate the best terms and price for yourself and your clients. We will discuss the most common and most modern negotiation strategies that will dramatically increase your odds of getting the best deal possible for your client’s goals.

If you are an experience Realtor coming to CIR Realty from another brokerage or have already taken the Bachelor program, you are able to move onto the advanced course built specifically for Realtors looking to fine tune their skills and take their business to the next level.

Masters Program 3.0 : Day 1

Turning Pro—Beating Motivation and Getting the Right Stuff Done

Your ability to take long-term action towards your goal is the most important predictor of your future success. In this session we will explore the most cutting edge concepts available to get yourself doing the right tasks, consistently on a daily basis. You will learn how to approach enormous goals, how to clearly identify your priorities, how to show up regardless of your motivation, and much more. It is time to turn pro in your business and begin creating the results you have always wanted.

Masters Program 3.0 : Day 2

Making it Rain—Generating An Overflow of Leads [part 1]

A real estate business will die without leads. The most productive Realtors in North America have a variety of predictable lead generation systems that produce an abundance of new and repeat business. In this two-part class, you will learn specific strategies how to generate more leads than you are able to service and how to track your results for maximum efficiency.

Masters Program 3.0 : Day 3

Making it Rain—Generating An Overflow of Leads [part 2]

A Continuation: A real estate business will die without leads. The most productive Realtors in North America have a variety of predictable lead generation systems that produce an abundance of new and repeat business. In this two-part class, you will learn specific strategies how to generate more leads than you are able to service and how to track your results for maximum efficiency.

Masters Program 3.0 : Day 4

Unlimited Business Growth—Staff, Teams, and Your Freedom

We all have a fixed amount of time in a day and for this reason, you can only do so much in your business. Real estate has traditionally been a business that lacks leverage and therefore most Realtor’s businesses never realize their full potential. In this session, you will learn how to duplicate your efforts by introducing staff into your business and how to create a team model. Done correctly, staff and teams can provide you with virtually unlimited freedom and income.

Masters Program 3.0 : Day 5

Systems Building—Streamlining Your Business

It is virtually impossible to produce consistent results in your business without systems. Your long-term marketing results, the level of client service you are able to consistently offer, the quantity time you spend on paperwork and your overall effectiveness is all dependent on your systems. We will look at how to build new systems from scratch and current best practices for streamlining your business operations.

Masters Program 3.0 : Day 6

Compelling Communication—Mastering Scripts and Presentations

Becoming a master communicator has unlimited benefits for your business. From prospecting and compelling people to hire you, to guiding clients and negotiations, you must have the tools and skills required to get your ideas across effectively. In this session, we will look at powerful concepts to easily increase the quality of your communication. In addition, we will explore common scenarios and sample scripts you can use as a foundation to assist in confidently navigating the conversation.

The Company Culture:

The culture is important at CIR, it’s hard to describe but I find it can be summed up pretty well in two words.  Team Blue.  I’m not too sure where the nickname “team blue” originally came from, or how it came to be – but it represents how the majority of 700+ Realtors working at CIR Realty feel towards their co-workers, management team and peers.  I suppose the root of the camaraderie came down the line from the ownership, to the management, to each individual Realtor and finally to the clients they deal with each and every day.  This attachment to an ideology of having a large group of competitors working together to help better one another’s Real Estate business through sharing of ideas, mentoring and mastermind groups, Q & A panels, group marketing efforts, and an overall foundation that is set up to breed this type of environment – is exclusive to CIR Realty and it really showcases the kind of company and Real Estate brokerage it is.

Being a family built company has instilled many family values into CIR Realty.  The company prides itself on a family first culture that includes many family orientated events for all the Realtors and their families, their clients, CIR staff, and management to enjoy throughout the year.  This is part of what makes CIR Realty stand out among the crowd when it comes to Realtors choosing a brokerage to align their business with. Offering Realtors a holistic approach is unique among brokerages across the province.  From high end cocktail parties, to the elaborate Christmas parties and black tie recognition events CIR always on top of acknowledging the Realtors efforts throughout the year.  CIR also spends time organizing family fun, children friendly events like the CIR Realty annual picnic held at the Calgary Corn Maze each year, the annual toy drive in support of Toy Angels in association with the Salvation Army, or the ever popular children’s Christmas party complete with Santa Claus, arts and crafts, and presents for all the children.

Probably one of the most popular weeks in the year for CIR Realty is The Calgary Stampede with participation in the Stampede parade, breakfasts, and a event each year with hundreds of people in attendance, renting out the entire Craft Beer Market on 10th Ave SW.

Pictured above is the downtown office manager and broker delegate Steve Phillips and the marketing manager Kirsten Faverin helping out during Stampede festivities.

The Advantage:

CIR Realty is a leading Real Estate brokerage affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) which is the world’s largest market independent residential brokerage house alliances with a presence in more than 65 countries, that includes 560+ brokerage firms and in excess of 130,000 plus Realtors that produce more than one million sale transactions annually which relates to three hundred sixty eight billion dollars in sales volume!  CIR Realty is very proud of to be a part of this by-invitation-only network as it is no easy task to be accepted.  Membership application includes a vetting process that is extremely rigorous as member brokerages are not just qualified based on performance, but measured by a commitment to quality and overall experience. All accepted Real Estate brokerages must be recognized for their market expertise and extended proficiency in global and local markets.

One of the great benefits of being a member of LeadingRE is the access it grants its members to Luxury Portfolio International® A luxury property website for showcasing luxury homes listed for $1 million dollars or more.  Originally debuting in 2005, Luxury Portfolio International quickly became the world’s foremost luxury branded website showcasing more $1 million dollar properties than any other luxury brand brokerage or affiliation in its first year.  Growing larger every year, Luxury Portfolio International continues to lead the way with luxury properties showcased from more than 50 countries worldwide, visitors from more than 200 countries/territories every month, and over 3 million unique visits from high net worth individuals annually.  With such a high volume of qualified traffic its easy to see how Luxury Portfolio has excelled in the luxury market to include inventory levels in excess of $44 billion dollars annually and an average listing price of more than $2.6 million U.S.

CIR Realty made a great candidate for LeadingRE and is an industry leading, accomplished brokerage with more than 750+ Realtors and growing. CIR Realty and it’s Realtors continue to produce a high volume of closed transactions each month and the most transactions year over year when compared with any other brokerage in Alberta.  Having four office locations within Calgary, one in Red Deer, and eight additional satellite offices in Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Langdon, Strathmore, Olds, Crossfield, and Irricana it’s easy to see why CIR Realty made such a great addition to the LeadingRE family.  Since joining the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, CIR Realty has been recognized as being global leader in relocation referrals through the organization.

The Chance to Give Back:

As CIR Realty has grown and succeeded as a company it has also looked at the best ways to give back to the community that has supported all it’s Realtors over the last 30+ years in Alberta Real Estate.  Each year CIR Realty supports charities and events to raise awareness, funds, and support for those in need.  Being a local, Alberta owned and operated company CIR has always striven to support the local economy and overall need in the community it has come to serve.  Each year the Realtors within the company round up an collect new unwrapped toys as an official partner of Toy Angels with The Salvation Army.

In mid 2017, CIR Realty launched an official initiative as a company to enroll it’s Realtors in a company wide charitable program in support of the Ronald McDonald House of Southern and Central Alberta (RMH) and the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) – CIR Realty’s One for All program.   In less than a full calendar year (7 months) the Realtors of CIR Realty raised an incredible $90,477.81 for the two charities.  Beyond simply raising money, many countless hours are spent volunteering by individual Realtors and their families from cooking meals at the Ronald McDonald house to helping take care of rescued animals at the animal rescue society all in an effort to support the community they live and work in.

The CIR Realty Office Locations:

Of the four Calgary offices, the most central office is the downtown office run by broker delegate and manager, Steve Phillips.  This office has been a real asset to the Realtors as well as their clients due to the close proximity to the core, making client meetings during and after work hours a breeze. Realtors have access to the office 24 hours a day with no restrictions and can utilize the office at any time with their clients.  The downtown office is located at #100, 707 10th Ave S.W. For reception hours, the downtown office is open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, closed weekends and holidays.


The South office is the newest location of the four Calgary offices, located in Fountain Court just off Blackfoot Trail and 58th Ave S.E. in behind the Blackfoot Inn hotel.  The South office is also considered the head office housing the majority of management, conveyancing staff, marketing department, accounting, design, and professional development.